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Adding a Custom Section

//Get SectionService
var sectionService = applicationContext.Services.SectionService;

//Try & find a section with the alias of "analytics"
var section = sectionService.GetByAlias("analytics");

if (section == null) {
  //It doesn't exist, so let's create the section
  //Friendly Name, Application Alias, Icon
  sectionService.MakeNew("Analytics", "analytics", "icon-pulse");

Creating a Custom Tree

Preparing the C# class with attributes & inheritance

//Alias of section to load tree in (Settings or Developer etc)
//Alias of this tree
//Friendly Name of this Tree Root
[Tree("analytics", "analyticsTree", "Analytics")]
public class AnalyticsTreeController : TreeController {

Creating a Custom Tree

Rendering out nodes in your tree with C#

//Create node
var n = CreateTreeNode(id, parentId, queryStrings, "Node Title");
n.HasChildren = false;
n.Icon        = "icon-globe";

//RoutePath only needed to override default route
n.RoutePath = "/analytics/analyticsTree/view/keywords";

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